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  • Securities Account Service
    Investors are required to open an account for securities transactions in the modern securities market. The securities account, equivalent to a securities passbook of investors, is used for recording balances and changes to securities held by the investors.
  • Securities Registration Service
    Since paperless trading is available in the modern securities market, the delivery of physical securities no longer exists. But how does it reflect the securities holder and the change of holder? The securities registration service offered by the CSDC is exactly the solution. When an investor concludes a transaction on securities buying, the CSDC modifies the register o...
  • Securities Depository Service
    The earliest securities existed in a physical form. For securities trading, it was necessary to transfer, deliver and register the physical securities between parties to the transaction. However, a large number of physical securities cannot be transferred in a timely manner with the expansion of the securities market and the explosion in trading volume. In order to impr...
  • Securities Clearing Service
    The securities clearing service is a post-transaction service. Essentially it is the process by which both parties to a transaction determine the amount of money or securities that should be paid and consequent settlement process. Through the securities clearing process, the buyer obtains the securities, and the seller receives money.
  • Asset Management Services
    On August 15th, 2002, registration and clearing service of open-end fund was introduced. Over more than a decade, the CSDC has made considerable progress in its asset management services. With continuous expansion of the business scope, it has gradually developed three major sections, which are registration and clearing, assets custody and the central data exchange pl...


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