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  • · January

    · January 8

    · Guidance for Registration and Settlement of Initial Public Offerings in Shenzhen Market revised and released.

    · January 29

    · Launched active pushing service to notice issuers of shareholding changes of shareholders holding over 5% of the issuer’s shares.

    · February

    · February 1

    · Direct data linkage between the New Third Board registration and settlement system and the Unified Account Platform went on line.

    · February 2

    · CSDC completed the registration and settlement for the IPO of “Eastern Pioneer” (603377), the first IPO since the rule for market value-based subscription and allocation came into effect, marking the successful implementation of the new rule.

    · February 22

    · Revised and released the Guidelines for the Tender Offer of Listed Companies in association with the SZSE.

    l  March

    ž   March 2

    ž   Completed the first share exchange of public placement exchangeable bonds.

    ž   March 21

    ž   Dividend tax system for funds mutually recognized between the Mainland and Hong Kong went online.

    · April

    · April 20

    · Beijing Branch’s issuer preferred stock initial registration business went online.

    · April 21

    · Released the Notice on Matters Relating to Securities Accounts Opened by Managers of Privately Offered Funds.

    · May

    ž· May 9

    ž· SZSE new-generation trading system went on line, with CSDC support and cooperation.

    · June

    · June 1

    · Completed first bondholder meeting online voting.

    ž· June 20

    ž· Phase II of “All at One Counter” project launched, enabling one-stop registration and depository counter service for investors.

    · July

    · July 1

    · Electronic system for bond interest and redemption payment launched.

    · July 5

    · Completed the first share exchange for exchangeable private placement bonds.

    · August

    · August 1

    · CSDC Unified Account Platform officially extrended to cover financial futures.

    · August 5

    · Completed SSE’s first B shares tender offer business.

    · August 8

    · Preferred stock settlement and the non-guaranteed settlement services for National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ) went on line.

    · August 15

    ž· Completed the first share split and consolidation business for Hong Kong Stock Connect stocks.

    · August 15

    · Independent option exercise for SSE stock incentive plan launched.

    · September

    ž· September 9

    · Multi-layered customer service system went online, with intelligent customer service at its core.

    · October

    · October 11

    · Completed the first stock delisting for Hong Kong Stock Connect.

    · October 14

    · Revised Securities Account Business Guide released, with the maximum number of securities allowed for each investor adjusted to three.

    · October 24

    ž· Started using bond valuation to calculate discount rate of pledged standard bonds.

    · November

    · November 28

    ž· Unified register service launched.

    · December

    · December 5

    · Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect opened.

    · December 10

    · Unified pledge registration factor program went online, providing support for prevention against securities pledge financing risks.

    · December 15

    · Participated in Financial Stability Assessment Programme of China by IMF and World Bank.

    · December 15

    · Administrative Guidelines for Settlement Participants (2017 revision) released, establishing the comprehensive evaluation system of settlement participants.

    · December 28

    · The pilot test of Supreme People’s Court’s special online check-up and control system went online.



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