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  • ·January 

    ·January 19   

    ·The CSDC issued the Settlement Participants Management Work Guide, to further formalize the operation work flow for settlement participants management;


    ·January 19

    ·Official launching of all true operation drill for stock option in Shenzhen stock market;


    ·January 26

    ·Launching the derivative contract account;


    ·January 26   

    ·Continually optimizing the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect program mechanism, and supporting and cooperating the two “Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect HSI ETF” Nanfang Fund and Huaxia Fund to list and trade at SSE;


    ·January 29   

    ·The CSDC signed the strategic cooperation agreement with Beijing Equity Transaction Center;



    ·February  9   

    ·In cooperation with the SSE, the CSDC launched the first stock option on the capital market of China —— SSE 50ETF option;


    ·February  17     

    ·In cooperation with the SSE, the CSDC launched the bond pledge type agreement-based repurchase service;

    ·February  26

    ·The special institution custodian settlement mode of Beijing Branch was live smoothly; 



    ·March  30    

    ·The CSDC completed the changeover of cross-border ETF cash subscription settlement mode from T+1 day specific deal full amount settlement to RTGS settlement, further increasing the ETF capital subscription efficiency of SZSE;



    ·April 13  

    ·The CSDC issued the Circular on Cancelling the One Person One Account Restriction for Security Accounts Including Natural Person Investor Stock A, fully lifting the restriction “one person one account”;



    ·The CSDC completed the initial quota registration of two SSE LOF products, and SSE realized the start of floor trading of open-ended fund;



    ·May 11   

    ·The securities account service online platform was brought online, enabling security companies and custodian banks to submit securities account opening request for special institutions and products remotely via the platform;


    ·May 15   

    ·The CSDC completed the 2015 all-market disaster recovery drill for registration and settlement system;


    ·May 25   

    ·The payment channel of CSDC Shenzhen Branch for interagency privately offered product pricing and service system was online, further increasing the capital application efficiency of settlement participants;



    ·June 25    

    ·The CSRC carried out external evaluation of the CSDC on Financial Market Infrastructure Principles;


    ·June 29   

    ·The CSDC cooperated with SSE to launch the first bond lending service;



    ·August 1

    ·The transfer fee of stock A was adjusted on a unified basis to 0.02‰ of the transaction amount, to be charged respectively from both seller and buyer;


    ·August 5

    ·The differentiated tax levying system for new third board dividends and the associated BPM system went live;



    ·September 12   

    ·The CSDC completed the settlement system switchover for CITICS consolidation by merger of CITICS (Zhejiang);


    ·September 20   

    ·In cooperation with the SZSE, the CSDC launched the bond pledge type agreement-based repurchase;


    ·September 21   

    ·Internet handling was realized for all daily operations of new third board registration; 



    ·The exchange system of CSDC for data to be validated of delisted companies officially went live; 



    ·October 1    

    ·Pilot of unified public security online verification service was launched, greatly reducing the cost in the sector;


    ·October 7

    ·The CSDC completed the upgrading and expansion of data base system



    ·November 3

    ·The Guide for Registration and Settlement Operation of Preference Shares of the CSDC Beijing Branch was issued for implementation;


    ·November 23    

    ·The CSDC completed the registration of the first preference share of the SZSE (non-publicly offered by the Bank of Ningbo);



    ·The work of standard bond conversion rate dynamic adjustment was launched.


    ·November 25

    ·The CSDC completed the testing work for earnings document receipt and payment by agent in Shanghai FTZ;



    ·December 4

    ·The CSDC held the symposium on “Dec. 4 national legal publicity day and investor education activity”;


    ·December 29    

    ·One of the first mainland mutual cognition fund products was  sold on Hong Kong market via the fund mutual cognition service platform, marking the successful launching of the fund mutual cognition service platform;



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